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Experience the revolutionary technology of the new Bragi Dash wireless smart earphones along with the ultimate comfort of a custom fit. 


3 in 1


The Dash is a wireless smart earphone that combines 3 essential features in 1 product.


A one-touch, stand alone music player


A live sports assistant


A smart phone companion

Other awesome features:

> Music in your ears: Listen to music without any other device, or stream crystal clear audio from your phone.

> Tap & Play: Use the Optical Touch on the Dash to control it. No buttons, just taps and swipes.

> Keep an ear on your performance: Track activities and get live feedback

> One App sets it all up: Make The Dash yours: check your performance data, set up your profile, learn and control The Dash and message Bragi directly.

> Audio Transparency: Hear the world around you – or swipe to mute it.

> Answer calls with a single tap: One ear bone microphone filters your voice even in busy surroundings.

> Recharge on the go: The charging case juices up your Dash up to 5 times.

> Water proof up to 1 meter